Grant Program

The purpose of the GEAC Grant program is to encourage enrichment of the classroom-related learning experience for LWSD’s highly capable students, above and beyond the standard LWSD curriculum.  The Grant program creates a chance for teachers to think and dream, collaborate, search, and decide what resources will best support their ongoing efforts to engage and motivate their highly capable learners.  Parent input — both in generating ideas and completing the grant application — is often welcome by teachers.

GEAC’s Grant program is funded 100% by annual donations and corporate matching.

We currently distribute grants in two ways:

Start-of-Year Checks for All Quest Teachers

Each August GEAC provides every Quest teacher with a set amount of funds, e.g. $200 each (prorated for those teachers whose teach Quest classes less than full-time).  Teachers can choose to use this money in whatever way they feel is beneficial to prepare their classroom: general supplies, enrichment materials, supplemental curriculum, etc.

Annual Grants

Each year GEAC provides the opportunity for teachers to submit grant applications for specific student enrichment or professional development materials and experiences.  The GEAC Grant Committee then reviews the applications and considers them for approval or decline based on pre-determined selection criteria, such as the depth or breadth of enrichment offered, applicability of professional development to working with highly capable learners, equitable distribution of grant funds across schools and grade levels, amount of GEAC funds available, etc.  Examples of past grants that have been awarded include:

  • novel sets and additions to classroom libraries
  • field trips
  • art materials
  • mentor texts and supplemental curriculum for writing instruction
  • supplemental hands-on math enrichment materials
  • DVDs, supplemental texts, and games for social students enrichment
  • science equipment and supplemental curriculum
  • multi-media equipment
  • student book publishing resources
  • online subscriptions to sites that offer students access to information resources and/or offer teachers access to supplemental curriculum
  • professional development seminars and conferences
  • membership for access to professional educator associations

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