GEAC Programs

Through the generous financial support of our members and their corporate matching, as well as the generous time of our volunteers, GEAC offers programs for parents, families, students, and educators in the LWSD highly capable community as often as we are able.  Notices of special events and activities can be found on the Home page.  Ongoing programs are described below.

For Parents

As part of GEAC’s Education mission, it is our goal to offer classes, seminars, and presentations on topics that support and inform the parenting of gifted children.  Past events include:

  • Guiding Your Gifted Child and Guiding Your Gifted Adolescent — 8-week courses facilitated by Sandy Malone-Long, former LWSD Quest Program Psychologist

For Families

As part of GEAC’s Outreach, Education, and Advocacy missions, it is our goal to provide opportunities for families of gifted children to: build community with one another, learn about gifted resources and organizations, and be informed of legislative and district action as it relates to gifted education.  Some ways we currently do this are:

  • Organizing beginning-of-year parks dates for each Quest location (typically held on the same day as the Quest school Meet & Greet)
  • Recruiting and coordinating School Representatives
  • Researching and sharing information regarding resources, organizations, and advocacy issues on our Resources page, on our Facebook page, and in our Newsletters

For Students

As part of GEAC’s Enrichment mission, it is our goal to provide educational resources for highly capable students in the LWSD, primarily through our Grant program.

For Educators

As part of GEAC’s Enrichment and Education missions, it is our goal to assist LWSD Educators by providing them with educational resources for highly capable learners, as well as opportunities for professional development in the area of gifted education.  Both are funded by our Grant program.

We are always looking for new program ideas and volunteers to help implement them, so if you have either please contact us at!