For LWSD Educators

“Some people don’t think we need to invest much in the most-gifted kids; they’ll be fine. But that’s like saying a great athlete will be great no matter what, so we don’t need expert coaches.” — Bob Davidson, Closing America’s High-Achievement Gap 2013


Washington Association of Educators of the Talented and Gifted (WAETAG)

UW Robinson Center Saturday Program for Educators (not offered every quarter)

UW Robinson Center Summer Professional Development Opportunities

Center for Gifted Education & Professional Development at Whitworth University

Davidson Institute Educators Guild — A free national service for educators of the highly gifted.

General Resources for the Gifted

Student Competition Programs


GRANTS Documents

GEAC Grant Application Cover Letter

GEAC Grant Program Guidelines

2018-2019 GEAC Grant Application — PDF version

2018-2019 GEAC Grant Application — Word version

2018-2019 GEAC Expense Form — PDF version

2018-2019 GEAC Expense Form — Word version


Past Grant Awards (selected examples)

Literacy: novel sets/individual texts; mentor picture book texts for writing; online student book publishing; Thermobind machine for in-class book publishing; AbraVocabra vocabulary text; Big IQ Kids spelling & vocabulary website membership; punctuation texts

Math: IXL website membership; Math Sharks; multiplication & division Wrap Ups; stop watches; Marcy Cook math supplies; games/puzzles/mind benders; fraction cubes; abacus; tangrams

Science: Burke Museum boxes; ultraviolet lamps; Boom Whackers; refraction/reflection science kit; color & light science kit; trebuchets; Pacific Science Center field trip; telescope lens sets; spectroscope sets; NOVA DVDs, Basher Science kits; bird ID books; CD/script/costume material for Geology Rocks! class musical

Social Studies: atlas; Map of the Month; pioneers simulation; See the USA simulation; materials on JFK, ancient civilizations, sustainability, elections, US history, slavery, indigenous peoples, state capitols, cartography

General: digital flash voice recorders for paperless assignments; project-specific art supplies; texts to promote social skills

Professional Development: curriculum, assessment, and management texts; professional association memberships; National Council for Social Studies Convention; Kay Law gifted seminar; Seattle Pacific University workshops