–2017-2018 Meeting Minutes


June – End of Year Meeting

May – Info Night for Newly Qualified Quest Families

Question and Answer session for incoming Quest parents.

Heather Sanchez, Director of Accelerated Programs- Welcome Presentation can be found here.

Jaya Ramesh, GEAC President – New Parent GEAC Presentation can be found here.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, our FAQ page has lots of good information as well.


March – Twice exceptionality (2e) panel

Whether your child is officially diagnosed as 2e, or you are unsure if your child needs additional support, you will find this panel resourceful.  Consult National Education Association for a more thorough explanation of 2e.

GEAC past President Carol Lewis’ handout from presentation on Twice Exceptional (2e) from March 2018 meeting can be found here.

GEAC past President Carol Lewis’ PowerPoint presentation on Twice Exceptional (2e) from March 2017 meeting can be found here.

February – Julia Robinson Math Festival

January – No Meeting



October – Middle School Panel