GEAC Board

Those who are interested in joining the GEAC Board can be involved in one of two ways: as an Officer or as a Board-Member-at-Large.

Along with the rights and responsibilities of being a Board Member (see Bylaws), Officers hold specific positions and are responsible for overseeing a particular area that supports the mission of GEAC.  Job descriptions for all Officer positions can be found here.

Board Members-at-Large assume the rights and responsibilities of being a Board Member (see Bylaws) and typically contribute their efforts to committees or events overseen by Officers (Outreach, Grants, Education, etc.).  This is a great way to get to know and have input into how GEAC works and what GEAC does (without being “in charge” of anything)!

Elections are held each June, although those interested in joining the Board at other times of the year should contact the President, as some positions may be unfilled and many positions can be held by more than one person.  Of course non-Board volunteers are always welcome to help out in any area of interest and/or as a School Representative!

2016-2017 GEAC Officers

Position Name Schools children attend Email
 President Carol Lewis STEM HS

President-Elect* Jaya Ramesh Thoreau El (FTQ), preschool
Treasurer Galeeb Kachra Rose Hill El. POQ
Secretary Anhaita Jamula Thoreau El (FTQ)
VP Outreach Elizabeth Walkey Thoreau El (FTQ)
VP Grants Gayle Shimokura Thoreau EL (FTQ)

VP Community Education Anusha Rao FTQ
School Reps Coordinator Alice O’Brien
(FT) = Elementary Full-time Quest
(PO) = Enrichment Pull-out Quest
(Q) = Middle School Quest

2016-2017 GEAC Board Members-at-Large


Name Schools children attend
Cathy Webb

Jeff Longcore

Julei Yang

Pronita Mehrotra

Sangeetha Jagadeesan

Stephanie Chou

Xin Sun

Yvonne Atkinson

(FT) = Elementary Full-time Quest(PO) = Enrichment Pull-out Quest(Q) = Middle School Quest